Friday, December 5, 2014

New SAFE verified Coupon website launching in 2015

What is the best coupon site of 2015? 

I'm going to have to go with Plain and simple. Now will it eliminate the bigger names such as, and right from the start? Maybe not, but here are the top four reasons why we are proclaiming it to be the top NEW coupon website of 2015.    

Forest Coupons

#4 Security: Many couponers online have dealt with those shady coupon websites that make you double check your browser security setting before visiting them again. Some deal seekers have even announced getting virus's on their computers from some browsing into some sites. 

We believe this will not be a problem for Forest Coupons as they have launched with a secure "HTTPS" connection. They have a verified SSL Certificate, and are also very transparent with who owns, and runs the website. These are all good signs. If that was not good enough they have also took major security precautions with their website to assure their users information, data, and privacy are protected.

#3 Exclusivity: Everyone is always searching for that "deal". The best price, and some people are willing to search to the ends of the internet to get the best coupon codes. The owners of Forest Coupons have negotiated with multiple business owners for exclusive rights to certain coupon codes that will promise their customers the best deals. 

Have you every shopped at Well if you have you should be happy to know that Forest Coupons has worked out deals with many sellers on Amazon's platform in order to get you the best deals. That means that while you purchase your favorite products on Amazons amazing shopping site you will be able to save even more than every while doing it! 

#2 Customer Support: Ever run into the old "my coupons not working" problem? If so than you understand how frustrating this can be. Especially if you are in a rush to grab a deal. 

One of the first things Forest Coupons announced it put in place was a large support team waiting to answer your questions. So you can expect lightning quick replies to your questions. This support, and user interaction with the owners and support may go un-matched in the coupon website business. 

#1 Scarcity: So if we combine the exclusivity of the private negotiations Forest Coupons has had with individual business's and products. Than we add that to it being a new website. Do you know what the equals? 

Well that equals you not having to worry if your coupon is still working. I've personally witnessed good coupons going up on coupon sites with a large amount of users. This led to the coupons not working after 10-20 minutes. Who has time to sit at their computer and wait for a coupon to launch? Since Forest Coupons is new, its user base will also be small in the start. This will give you a chance to kick start your year in 2015 with some really great deals! Best part is you don't have to worry about the coupons not working.


At February 25, 2017 at 12:14 PM , Blogger Youth Vocal said...

thank you! They never send them to me anymore and for that I don't shop there anymore, so now I can go shopping, woohoo

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